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Description: A light pearlised foaming gel provides effective gentle but thorough cleansing suitable for all skins. Incorporated with pure essential oils to combat foot odour due to excessive sweating with a cooling and revitalising sensation to the feet.

Skin type/condition: All skin types.

Benefits: An ideal choice for soaking the feet to soften hard, rough skin.
Cleansing and deodorising to freshen the feet.
The cooling and revitalising essential oils are a perfect “pick me up” for tired aching feet.

Key ingredients: Spearmint imparts and anti-septic and cooling effect.
Tea tree gives the foot soak deodorising properties from uncomfortable odours as well as guarding against bacteria with its anti-septic properties.
Lavender offers soothing, cooling and anti-septic benefits.

How to use: Pump a small amount of gel into bowl and run warm water over to foam.
Immerse feet for 5-10 minutes. Pat feet dry and continue with Reviving Foot GelSoothing Foot Gel or Conditioning Foot Lotion.


Size - 100ml

Revitalising Foot Soak

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