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Professional massage therapist in Glasgow

The Revival Signature Massage


Here at Revival I offer only one massage, which is the Revival Signature Massage.


With years of experience as a masseuse, every massage is tailored to your specific needs. No body is the same, so why should your massage be? When you visit Revival we will consult and determine the best massage for you.


Every massage offered is of the highest standards, using various different massage techniques as appropriate. We can include an Indian Head or Foot Massage at no additional cost.


Please see descriptions below of various different techniques that will be incorporated into your Revival Signature massage.

Massage Pricing

30mins - £25.00

60mins - £40.00 - £45.00

90mins - £65.00

Swedish Massage

Traditional massage. Ideal for getting rid of everyday tension and stress, helping you to relax.

Bamboo Massage

This therapy which has been practiced in China for centuries is a powerful deep pressure massage using treated bamboo sticks to lengthen, strengthen and elongate your body.

Ritual Candle Therapy

Ultimate in restoring wellbeing & balance back into your mind and body. A candle infused with selected essential oils and Shea butter is drizzled all over your body, followed by unique massage techniques and pressures throughout. (Please note there is an additional £10 charge for this massage}

Indian Head Massage

A deep relaxing therapy, working pressure points alleviating stress, insomnia, migraines, sinusitis, anxiety, depression plus many more ailments. This therapy incorporates a wonderful pressure point back neck and shoulder massage.


Extremely therapeutic Holistic Therapy using essential  oils and unique massage techniques to alleviate both  mental and physical ailments.

Hot Rocks

An individually catered for massage to soothe, knead and sculpt the body into a deeper state of relaxation. using imperfect hot rocks and many  different massage techniques and oils, all tailor made for you. (Please note there is a £10 additional charge to add this into your Massage)

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Extremely powerful therapy designed to reduce swelling, reduce cellulite, aid with IBS symptoms including constipation.

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