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As much as we would love to say that menopause is a breeze, the hot flushes are real, the brain fog is real, and the fatigue to name but a few and yes it's all real.

As a qualified Menopause Mentor and Skincare and Repair Nutrition Specialist I know that there is much we can do to manage the symptoms of Menopause and help you on your new journey.  I would also like to add here that Menopause with the challenges that come with it should also be embraced, but having a helping hand will go a long way.

At Revival Glasgow, we are dedicated and committed to ensuring that your treatment and therapy are bespoke to you.


There are various tailored treatments and also homecare that are offered. Once we have had a chat and thorough consultation we can determine what treatment, therapy, or homecare is best for you.

Our aim at Revival Glasgow is to have you floating out the door and ready to take on the world.

And for all you beautiful women going through the Menopause. You go this.


Your not alone


Sophena xx


Below is a list and guidelines of treatments specific to cater for Menopause Symptoms.


The Meno Massage – 60 mins £55 90 mins - £75

The Meno Massage will incorporate various different techniques such as pressure point massage, specific drainage techniques, deep tissue, and will incorporate the best essential and carrier oils to help with brain fog, hot flushes, sore joints, and fatigue, we will work on rejuvenating your body if you are fatigued or putting you in a deep state of relaxation. This is your time, and your massage, so if you need your upper body worked on, Indian Head work, or your feet massaged we will cater to all your needs. We will work on the inflammation, and incorporate various modalities if needed.  

The Meno Facial 60 mins -  £60  /  90 mins £85

With Menopause comes Hormone deficiency which plays havoc on your skin, treatments or products you were used to all of sudden have a reactive response on your skin. You're seeing more redness or maybe feel your skin is drying out or the opposite, you're actually feeling that it is ‘oily’

Firstly I would just like to confirm that at Revival Glasgow  I don’t believe in skin types such as oily, dry etc but rather the causes to why these symptoms are occurring on your skin and take it from there. 

Rest assured that booking a Meno Facial at Revival Glasgow will be first and foremost tailored to your skins needs and concerns, using the industry's most advanced modalities and topical active skincare formulation. Not sure what you need, not to worry, that is what we are here for, to take out all the guesswork and give you the Facial that you need.


Skin Boosters from £99

Skin Boosters have come a long way and are fantastic to feed your skin the nutrients it needs to keep beautiful for a lifetime.  All boosters at Revival Glasgow are pure and not cross linked with any toxins. When carrying out a skin booster treatment we are superficially going into your skin with a needle and feeding the skin the vitamins or Hyaluronic Acid its depleted in. A course of either 2 or 3 treatments is recommended.


Eye Boosters - £99

Lack of sleep, fatigue and stress can cause the eyes to become dehydrated, puffy or just tired. Eye boosters are fantastic to revive, brighten and target fine lines and wrinkles. A course of treatments are recommended.


Collagen Induction Therapy - £99

Collagen Induction Therapy or CIT is quite simply phenomenal. With this treatment, we are creating small micro channels into the skin thus creating a trauma. Once a trauma has been created this will create more Growth Factors which you can say are the doctors of your body. Once these Growth factors are released your Collagen and Elastin speed up to come to your rescue which will help in keeping your skin firm and smooth. The treatment itself is slightly uncomfortable but not painful. A homecare regime is needed to prepare your skin for treatment.


Age Element Facial - £65

Revival Glasgow’s Age Element Facial is a must for anyone with aging concerns. This professional age management complex Facial combats aging from its origins. It acts by modulating epigenetic mechanisms to recover the regenerating and proliferating activity of the skin. Providing you with firmer, brighter and visibly younger skin.


Meno Body – 60 mins £55

This specially catered body treatment incorporates a full body scrub using the finest essential oils, grains, and masques your body needs to recoup, and rejuvenate. Your body will also feel smooth, will look brighter, toned, and smell lush. Perfect for as a pre tan treatment, special occasion, or just because you deserve some TLC

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