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Japenese Head Spa

When Revival G infuses with Japans exclusive Head Spa experience, this can only mean one thing - Complete Tranquillity.

Explore Revival’s Japanese Head Spa, where I welcome you to embark on a journey towards harmony and balance, with a special focus on the health of your hair and scalp.

Having learnt this specialised technique from the masters in Japan, I am dedicated to offering you a tranquil experience, leaving you in a deep state of relaxation. My philosophy is rooted in the timeless principles of Japanese rituals. culture and tradition, as I aim for the perfect harmony and balance between body and mind.

My focus when offering you the Japanese Head Spa, is entirely on improving hair, scalp and skin health, incorporating Japans elegant rituals and traditions while providing you with a total mind, body and scalp out of this world experience.

Japanese Head Spa Experience. (Option 1) 

80mins - £80

Your Japenese Head Spa experience will start with with A full Scalp analysis will be carried out using the latest scalp modality.  You will then enjoy the full Japenese Head Spa experience.  Why just stop there as an experienced skin therapist and Facialist you can add on a customised express facial or Japenese foot Soak.

Add Ons:-
Express Facial - £20
Japenese Foot Soak: £10
Ear Candling:- £15

Sheer Indulgence Package (Option 2) 
Japenese Head Spa & Body Massage 
120mins| £130

Enjoy a Lush bespoke Full headspa treatment along with a full body massage. indulge in pure bliss from head all the way down to your toes.

  • Hair & Scalp analysis 

  • Bespoke Revival Full Body Massage

  • Full Japenese Head Spa

  • Express Facial 

Add on:-
Japenese Foot Soak - £10
Ear Candling - £15

The Grand Japenese Emperess Experience (Option 3)
3hrs - £240

Your Japenese Head Spa experience will start with a traditional Japenese foot soak, (if you wish to skip this part please just let us know) As we slowly start easing all of your tensions and stresses away. A full Scalp analysis eill be carried out using the latest scalp modality. 

You will then enjoy the full Japenese Head Spa experience. You will also have the honour of experiencing a Signature Revival Full Body Massage and a Revival bespoke, customised Facial. And again why stop there, this Out of this world experience also includes Ear Candling. Well why not, you are the Emperess afterall and i am at your service. And on that note all i can say is Irasshaimase and Tanoshimu - Welcome & Enjoy.

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