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“Soft? So soft, I’m talking like rubbing up on baby bottom soft skin type soft. It’s beautiful!”

Made from synthetic hair, with ergonomically designed handles, the bristles are soft and silky on top, yet firm and durable on the bottom.

“No Fallout. No ‘Smooshing’.”

Durable quality that’s Easy to Keep Clean, you’ll find it’s very easy to do: Simply hand wash in mild soap or shampoo, rinse, air dry. With minimum shedding before, during, or after washing.

“Very, very, friendly for all skin types; if you have sensitive skin, you could definitely use these.”

Antibacterial synthetic brushes are friendly to your skin and friendly to animals.

Approved by because they’re 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free!

This Make-up Brush Set Includes:

Angled Detailer

This is a multi-purpose brush that can be used to feather out, blend any harsh lines, highlight under the brow, apply a light coat of base, or even apply eye concealer. – A most versatile brush.


The perfect brush for creating a super soft shadow in the crease and also great for blending out concealer under the eyes, it prevents your concealer from caking up and getting too thick. This brush is meant for unifying.


Designed to blend, swipe the brush wherever you want to soften edges or create a seamless transition between colours.


Achieve perfect contouring and shading with our contouring brush. Or use across anywhere you’d like to highlight! The shape follows the natural contour for easy application.


The blush brush that’s perfect for applying just the right amount of blush every time! Our synthetic densely packed bristles provide even distribution. Firm enough to pick up the perfect amount of colour, yet soft enough to apply evenly.


Great looks start with a faultless base. Evenly apply powders and mineral foundations for velvety high-definition results.


A brush that will quickly become your favourite, maybe ever! Use to apply foundation for that airbrushed finish. Warm your foundation on the back of the hand, dip the brush, and stipple it all over your face.


A foundation brush to be used with all of your favourite products and take them to a brand new level of airbrush look application!


The perfect brush for placing eye shadow on the lid- its bristles firm and densely packed, picking up the right amount of colour, yet a size that’s also perfect for fitting just on the lid.


Great for blending out eyeliner, even for the ‘harsh’ look – also for smudging shadow under the lower lashes, and creating a very defined outer eye area. A perfect everyday brush and it works perfectly for any type of “smudged liner” look.


Our liner brush features an easy application of colour for you to smoothly and expertly line the contours for definition.


Made for applying lipstick and gloss, simply apply a dab of colour in the centre of your lip and brush toward outer corners until your entire lip is covered. Easy, polished and gorgeous!

Nanshy – Cruelty-Free Beauty Brand

NO ANIMAL TESTING! All our brushes are synthetic and Vegan – is a proud member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – and is against cruelty to animals.

Masterful Collection Onyx Black Make-up Brush Set

£54.95 Regular Price
£44.95Sale Price
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