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Depigmenting cream for daily use that acts gradually on epidermal dark spots to give a more uniform skin tone. Inhibits the mechanisms responsible for pigmentation to prevent the appearance of dark spots and stop them from reappearing. Quickly absorbed light gel-cream texture.

Multi-layer depigmenting home solution. Numerous clinical studies confirm the efficacy and tolerance of topical tranexamic acid for treating skin hyperpigmentation.


Tranexamic acid

Acts on the epidermal cells that, when exposed to certain factors (sun, hormonal changes, birth control and inflammation, among others), secrete a substance that triggers the melanin production process. Numerous

Tyr control complex

The combination of kojic acid with an innovative peptide and an amino acid acts effectively on the tyrosinase enzyme, inhibiting tyrosine oxidation and its role as a catalyst in dark spot formation.


Prevents the transfer of melanin from the deeper to the outer layers of the skin, where pigmentation becomes darker and more visible.

Marine glycogen

Offers protection from the oxidation produced by natural light and the radiation-induced by technological sources (electromagnetic waves (REM), blue light (HEV)).

Hydroxiacid complex

Combines salicylic acid and lactic acid offers gentle daily exfoliating action that results in a regular and uniform pigmentation on the skin surface.


melan tran3x daily depigmenting gel cream - Mesoestetic

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