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Dermaviduals is a clinical skincare brand that focuses on skin barrier repair and preservation. It is free-from emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrance, colourants and pretty much anything else that is not compatible with skin physiology. Each cream and serum is custom blended following consultation and skin analysis, as no too skins are the same. Making the product fit your skin, instead of trying to make your skin fit the product.

NOTE: Dermaviduals do not allow online sales, partly due to a lot of the products being prescriptive / bespoke blended. However if you’re interested in making a purchase it is possible to do via mail order following a remote consultation.



Dermaviduals Prescriptive Eye Serum is a custom blended eye serum with specific actives based on your skin needs, so the serum is completely bespoke to you. Can be tailored to treat lines and wrinkles, dark circles, under eye puffiness or a combination of concerns.


Key Benefits

  • 1. Bespoke serum based on skin concern
  • 2. Pure extracts, liposomal and nanoparticle blended actives
  • 3. Free-from emulsifiers and other agents.


How To Use

After cleansing with Dermaviduals DMS Cleansing Milk and after applying any other tonics, apply a small amount (a third of a pump) of Dermaviduals Prescriptive Eye Serum around the eye area. Follow with your Dermaviduals Prescriptive Cream and sunscreen.





Dermaviduals Prescriptive Eye Serum 15ml

    • N/A - Different for each serum, your therapist blends from 30 different active ingredients based on your skin needs.


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