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  • powerful antioxidant protection
  • improves wrinkle depth
  • triple light protection
  • enhanced physical sun protection
  • safe, non-intoxicating, thc–free cbd isolate

performance ingredients: 250 mg 99% pure hemp-derived cbd isolate (thc-free) encapsulated in an enhanced delivery system (hydroxysomes) to ensure quick product penetration 18.90% zinc oxide trace element, physical sun protection that offers uv and skin protection as well as healing properties bvosc oil soluble vitamin c that significantly fights free radical damage, promotes and enhances the efficacy of your sunscreens and can double collagen production infraguard infraguard combines organic sunflower sprouts with tara tannins (powerful antioxidants), to effectively protect the skin against the harmful effects of blue light and infrared rays (ir)

do not use this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

CBD Blue Light Defense SPF 30

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