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this next level cbd blue light defense moisturizer delivers fast acting moisture to parched, compromised skin. targeting fine lines and wrinkles, visible pigmentation and improving skins texture– this innovative moisturizer helps defend against damage caused by daily exposure to the blue light emitted from technology such as – smartphones, computers, florescent lighting, etc. protect skin from environmental aggressors while working to replenish crucial moisture and address visible signs of aging.
2 oz tube


  • fast acting moisturizer
  • high antioxidant load
  • works to protect against environmental damage
  • provides blue light protection
  • safe, non-intoxicating, thc–free cbd isolate

performance ingredients: 500 mg 99% pure hemp-derived cbd isolate (thc-free) encapsulated in an enhanced delivery system (hydroxysomes) to ensure quick product penetration aqua cell a combination of watermelon rind and apple extracts to significantly improve skin density and hydration levels wagandys powerful herb used in ayurvedic treatments for its restorative effects, reinforces the skin’s natural barrier; while, delivering anti-wrinkle product benefits lumicease blue light protection that minimizes main signs of digital and photoaging damage.

do not use this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

CBD Blue Light Defense Moisturizer

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